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On the next tabs you will find a various collection of Gelasan & Layangan used in the Netherlands since ±1980
This is not a webshop!: this page is strictly for informational purposes. None of the articles are for sale simply because i´m not a reseller.

Buying tips:
Cotton-based Gelasan from Indonesia.
When you are interested in buying gelasan in Indonesia, make shure it´s cotton based and you don´t pay too much for it.
Here are some indications for reasonable/normal prices (2011)
  • normal gelasan: €10 to €30 per 10 spools (±1500 yards per spool)
  • pure Silicon gelasan: up to ± €100 per 10 spools (±1500 yards per spool)
  • As usual on the internet: Watch out for Scammers/Fakers
Gelasan - Regular
This type of gelasan has been produced based on regular glass . Although no silicon (siliciumcarbide) addition used, this gelasan can be high quality gelasan. These gelasan are typically fresh coloured.

Gelasan - Silicon (based on siliciumcarbide)
This type of gelasan is based on Siliciumcarbide or contains a mix of regular glass and a high percentage of siliciumcarbide. Some gelasans like SheKew Cap Gajah are 100% made of silicon without any glassadditions. The effect of a high percentage of silicon gives the gelasan it´s typical colour - a haze of dark/grey. By using siliconcarbide additions the gelasan seems more resistant to humidity (probably the effect of using other glue compositions). Click here for my article about Silicon.

Gelasan - Custom
This type of gelasan are mostly handcrafted custom made for personal use. Special cotton in combination with special alloys give these gelasan a personal touch. A famous, very wanted cotton is "Bison" made by "Ten Cate" from Holland. Some fanatical fighters buy the cottonthread in Holland and send it to Indonesia to give the cotton a special glasstreatment.
Layangan - Custom
Collection of custom build fighterkites made by various artists.

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